We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.


Inspired by the people around me any myself, speeding to and from work, in a moment of mind overwhelmed too much, I have stopped. I let the crowd around pass by, mesmerized by a thought…

I have always loved nature, yet I found myself willingly in Singapore. Amazing, vibrant city of many cultures, with its unique atmosphere that I wasn’t able to appreciate in the rush of everyday. Moreover, I have realised that I am also not able to be fully focused once I spend time with my family!

In this island city-country, a third of the most competitive countries in the world, with third highest population density, surely, it can be sometimes challenging to find a way to slow down.

….but, what if “sometimes” becomes “everyday”? What if getting ourselves distracted from life becomes our way to handle a day? How many moments are to be erased from our life and our memory by this oblivion we create to manage our stress.

I want to question the choices I make, the habits that determine the quality of thoughts I perform, of awareness I have. I want to explore ways to rediscover the peace of mind. I want to challenge the routine to improve the quality of time while staying here in the metropolis of over 5 million population at the area of just above than 700 km².

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